SKF Spherical Shim SM SPS-D1

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The SKF Spherical Shim SM SPS-D1 is specially designed shims that corrects angular soft foot. A spherical plate is integrated in the shim that can accommodate angular differences up to 2° and maximizes the contact area between the foundation, spherical shim, and machine foot. Machine alignment is done by using the spherical shim together with standard shims. Many applications where shims are currently used can be retro-fitted with spherical shims to correct angular soft foot problems.

The SM SPS-D1 features quick and easy installation with minimal downtime and avoids serious machine distortion caused by soft foot.


• Optimal chocking

• Eliminates angular soft foot

• Angle compensation up to 2 degrees

• Can be used in combination with shims

• Supplied in packs of two

• No shim cutting required anymore

• Suitable for bolt size up to M42

• Other sizes on request

• No installation skills required

• Made of high-quality stainless steel, allowing re-use