SKF Belt Alignment Tool TKBA 40

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The SKF Belt Alignment Tool TKBA 40 aligns V-belt pulleys in the grooves. V–guides and powerful magnets allow the TKBA 40 to be fitted in the grooves of the pulley. With only two components, a laser–emitting unit and a receiver unit, the belt alignment tool is easy to use and allows fast and accurate belt alignments. The three-dimensional target area on the receiver unit help the easy detection of misalignment as well as its nature; whether it is horizontal, vertical, parallel or a combination of all three.


• Powerful magnets allow fast and easy attachment

• Three-dimensional target area simplifies detection and correction of misalignments

• Facilitates simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment

• V-guides included for a wide range of V-belt pulleys

• Aligns grooves of a V-belt pulley rather than its face, allowing optimum alignment of pulleys of unequal width or with dissimilar faces

• Special side adaptor for alignments of multi-ribbed and timing belt pulleys as well as sprockets is available as accessory