SKF Air-driven oil injector set (300 MPa)

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The THAP 300E/SK1 air-driven oil injector set can be used mounting and dismounting SKF OK Couplings, large pressure joints such as bearings, flywheels, couplings and railway wheels. It is also suitable for simlar applications for pressures upto 300 MPa/43,500 psi.

The unit consists of a hydraulic pump driven by an air motor. The item is supplied in a sturdy case including oil suction and return hoses, with quick connect couplings, as well as a high pressure pipe and a pressure gauge.

SKF Mounting and Dismouting fluids are recommended for use with the THAP 300E.


• Time savings compared to hand operated oil injectors

• Portable

• Continuous supply of oil

• Internal air pressure limiter helps ensure safe operation

• Low air consumption

• Wide operating temperature range

• Includes high pressure pipe and pressue gauge

• Sturdy storage boxes